The Best Accounting and Finance Recruitment Trends in 2023 To That You Need To Know – Top 5

Top 5 Accounting & Finance Trends in 2023
Top 5 Accounting & Finance Trends in 2023

The current accounting and finance recruitment trend for 2022 is set to to continue for 2023. Job seekers should be aware that the current lack of accessible competent qualified professionals makes it a candidate’s hiring market.

Many businesses are employing new personnel and growing their operations despite the pandemic’s lasting affects and economic factors like rising inflation. According to new figures from the Central Statistics Office show that 2.55 million people were employed in the State in the second quarter of this year.

In some industries it is especially difficult to find candidates due to skills shortages. Companies are enticing top workers to join their company by offering signing bonuses, financial incentives, additional paid time off, and job title changes, to name just a few. All of these tactics, as well as others, are ones many of us are familiar with. These options, nevertheless, are frequently insufficient, especially if the option of working remotely is not provided.

Remote work is and will become a popular benefit in accounting and finance for 2023
Remote work is and will become a popular benefit in accounting and finance for 2023

Having stated that, here is a suggestion for candidates: Keep an open mind on the “where” of job if you want to increase your employability. Many organisations are attempting to decide if they want to continue using a remote, hybrid, or in-office strategy in the future. Therefore, being open to several possibilities may help you find employment opportunities. However, you should also be up forward about your preferences and underline that, when the time is appropriate, you’d like to discuss a flexible work schedule.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment Trend 1

Remote Workforce

Traditional employment is evolving. Businesses are benefiting from the fact that employees are no longer confined to an actual office. The accounting sector is one that can accomplish it more easily than others and is not an exception to this rule. Due to the epidemic and the use of cloud-based software, an increasing number of accountants are working remotely, enabling staff to fulfill their allocated jobs without being in the same building.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment Trend 2

AI & Automation

The practice of manually entering data into spreadsheets is quickly becoming obsolete. To save time and money, accounting businesses that want to remain competitive need to automate as many of their operations as they can. Workflows for approval, bank reconciliation, journal entries, inter-company consolidation, revenue recognition, lease accounting, and depreciation are a few of the activities being automated.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment Trend 3

Big Data Combined With Analytics & Forecasting

The demand for accountants who can properly manage and analyze data has expanded along with data complexity. To help them make sense of the wealth of information at their fingertips, businesses and accounting firms are seeking people with strong data analytics abilities and experience. Accountants need to employ advanced analytics and forecasting methods in addition to big data. In the subject of accounting, there is a clear need for data specialists.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment Trend 4

Utilising The Cloud

Accounting firms are following suit to satisfy the needs of organizations that are migrating to the cloud at an increasing rate. These businesses may access their data from any device with an internet connection thanks to cloud-based accounting solutions. This is a great choice for businesses with numerous locations or remote workers. From a financial perspective, there is a need for employees with cloud capabilities and AI automation.

Accounting and Finance Recruitment Trend 5

Diverse Range Of Skills

Employers are looking for accountants with a variety of talents to stay up with the evolving accounting landscape. Accounting is no longer just about creating financial statements and tax returns as more transactional activity is automated. Accountants who want to succeed need to know how to use technology, comprehend data analytics, and interact with clients well. this where your soft skills come into play.

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