Writing The Best Accounting Job Ad That Will Increase Hiring

Writing great job adverts will help attract the best accountants
Writing great accounting job adverts will help attract the best accountants

You have an accounting job opening, you need a new accountant and a thorough job description has already been written. You must now draw attention to the position; but, do you know how to create an accounting job advertisement that will increase your hiring?

In addition to encouraging talented accountants to apply, a well-written accounting job posting will help you create your company’s brand and a solid talent pool of future prospects.

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal new accountant before you begin drafting the accounting job advertisement. What would you want to see on an the ad for your future job? Which language is most appealing to you? What facts will catch your attention?

Consider what makes your business distinct once you’ve written down a few ideas. Consider your own motivations for working there. You are the person best suited to discuss your business, what you do as an organization, and why you do it.

Even though it’s an old cliché, first impressions do matter. There’s a good chance that this job posting is the prospective accountants first contact with your business.

Accounting Job Ad Vs Accounting Job Description

There is some key differences between the accounting job ad and accounting job description
There is some key differences between the job ad and job description

It is vital to understand the differences between the accounting job advertisement and the accounting job description before we begin the writing process. Despite their close resemblance, they must constantly be recognized from one another. Here’s how…

The majority of the job description is internal and outlines the duties that the chosen candidate will perform. One of the initial phases in a company’s hiring procedure is it.

The accounting job advertisement is external and is intended to “sell” the opening by emphasizing the role’s desirable outcomes for candidates.

What to Include in The Accounting Job Advert

Here are six crucial points to concentrate on when creating your job advertisement because, as was previously mentioned, the individual reading it may have never heard of your organization before:

  1. Job Title – While jargon, acronyms, and internal titles may be widespread in your organization, others may not understand what they imply. The secret is to avoid using them.

Pro tip: Consider the search terms a jobseeker would enter into Google. They might enter “accountant jobs” or “accountant ninja,” respectively. The latter is rarely the case.

  1. Selling Features – Following the job title, you should immediately discuss the important selling points of the accounting position, such as what makes the position so amazing and why candidates would adore working for your business. Once more, think about it from the standpoint of the prospect. What do the people in your target demographic value most in their careers?

Pro Tip: Why not ask your present staff members what they enjoy most about their work and the organization, then include that information in your job advertisements? On Glassdoor, you can also find reviews.

3. Summary – The selling elements grab the attention of the reader, but this section of the accounting job ad should let your ideal candidate see themselves in the role. Use concrete language, succinct sentences, and action verbs throughout.

4. Salary – This is a critical component of the accounting job description that candidates look for. Even if you might not want to overtly advertise the pay, those who do typically receive a lot more applications (unsurprisingly). If you absolutely don’t want to mention your pay, think about offering a larger salary range.

5. Location—Being more descriptive here makes a significant effect. Could you give a more specific area rather than simply the city? Include the possibility of working remotely as well, if available.

  1. Job Details – Be as specific as possible about the position so that anyone reading it understands exactly what it entails, to whom it reports, what success looks like, and the prospects for advancement it offers.

When all of this information that applicants will need to know is cohesively woven together, you will have the makings of an excellent accounting job advertisement!

Some examples of excellent accounting job adverts.

How can you ensure that you provide sufficient context to your accounting audience?

Catch the attention of your target accounting audience
Catch the attention of your target audience

After going over the essential details you should always provide in a job advertisement, let’s discuss how you can contextualize it further and give it more life so it catches the attention of prospective hires.

First, briefly explain why you’re hiring. Is the department in question functioning well, is the business as a whole expanding, or do you need a certain set of talents that the current staff lacks?

Next, concentrate a little more on the business itself. Although this may have been covered under the “selling points,” you should tell the reader about your organization, why it’s a fantastic place to work, and any intriguing details that can draw in potential candidates.

Thirdly, mention a few advantages the chosen candidate will receive. Nowadays, people tend to pay much more attention to the perks they will receive than than their wage, even if the latter is still very important.

If you provide employees with a comprehensive list of benefits, this is the time to highlight them!

Finally, describe the perfect candidate for the position. Don’t forget to mention personality type and the kinds of values you expect each employee to uphold, as well as the essential abilities and qualifications. While the latter is more “company-wide,” there may be some traits that would be particularly advantageous to possess for the role.

Here, you might also go into detail about the application procedure, including how many steps there will be and when and where the interviews will be held.

Last but not least put a call to action in there. Depending on where you post the job advertisement, this might be anything. A simple “Apply Now” will do if the platform permits direct applications, but it’s always a good idea to include your email address and other contact information in case someone needs to get in touch with you.

How to write a “transparent” accounting job advertisement and why it might help you identify your ideal applicant.

In a nutshell, a straightforward job posting lacks any filler or sugar-coating. It’s a little bit different, but it’s said to draw better, more docile candidates.

You should consider the following if you want to produce a radically transparent job advert:

  • Describe “a day in the life” of this job.
  • Show the requirements for achieving quantifiable goals.
  • Describe why a top applicant would be drawn to this position.
  • Give the hiring manager a brief bio
  • Make the salary known.

Example Of An Excellent Job Advert

An example of an excellent accounting job advert
An example of an excellent accounting job advert

Time to start writing your Accounting Job Ad…

It’s time for you to start creating a accounting job advertisement for your opening now that you’ve read about how to make your job advertisement enticing and seen a few instances of that in action.

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