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Our top interview tips for accountants

2022 is shaping out to be a tremendous year in terms of job opportunities for qualified accountants and senior finance professionals.  Remote working, pent up hiring demand with employers and major new multinational investments are providing the perfect environment for career advancement.  However, you got the get through interview processes first, to land that dream job.  

Here are our top interviewing tips to guarantee the best outcome possible

  1. Know your CV = Practice a 5-minute summary

Know your CV inside out, be able to talk an interviewer through your experience from education to current role (practice doing this in under 5 minutes, this will ensure your summary is concise)

  1. Know the employer

Spend 30 minutes on the employer’s website, look at glass door reviews, look at their social media presence, check employee profiles on LinkedIn to see where they come from and how they explain their roles in the organisation.  The more research the better prepared you will be for the ‘what do you know about us’ question and the more informed you will be on whether this company is right for you or not. 

  1. Know the job spec

Get a full job description and if using a recruiter (which we highly recommend) get them to summarise what the hiring manager wants in a nutshell.  Match your experience by being able to provide examples that reflect the job spec requirements

  1. Prepare 5 scenario-based question response

List your top 5 selling points (hardworking, great leader etc) and have 5 examples to illustrate these points.  Make these interesting ‘short stories; that engage the interviewer.  I consider myself a great leader and here is an example of how I turned around a non performing team with low moral in my time in COMPANY X …. Etc.  

Make sure to give a positive outcome (use stats and growth figures where possible)

  1. Arrive 5 minutes early & Dress smart

Always put your best foot forward and don’t be late.  If interviewing by video, have a professional background, clutter free and dress well.  You get 1 chance to impress 

  1. Demonstrate your value

Make sure you sell your sell yourself by demonstrating your relevant experience and why you believe you are a great match to the role and organisation. Ask your recruiter for more support around this

  1. Ask questions (Prepare the 3 most important to you)

Interviews are a 2-way street and you need to know if this is the right role and company for you. Ask about career paths, technology, team plans etc.  

  1. Engage with a Finance Recruitment Agency (specialist)

A great recruiter, free of charge will do the heavy lifting.  They should come to you with options, know the employer, give inside tips, know what the hiring manager is looking for, advise on salary and so on.

Good recruiters prep. Candidates in advance of interviews ensuring the best possible outcome.  Remember it’s a competition to secure your dream roles, a competent finance recruitment specialist can make the difference.

We just happen to know one ???? Reach out to Martina Quinn for expert advice

Candidate-focused in her approach, Martina is passionate about supporting people with their overall job-search strategy. 


and we will call you back as quickly as possible


and we will call you back as quickly as possible

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