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‘Flexibility’ the most important retention tool in 2022

I believe it is, and it’s not just Generation Z that see things differently, the pandemic has turned the world of work on its head and in 2022 most of the job seeking accountants and finance professionals we speak to are looking for a dynamic, flexible work environment.  Offering complete flexibility does not come without risks so employers need to plan what roles can be done remotely, hybrid, on a part time and with flexible start finish basis.

In 2022, there is fierce competition to both attract and retain finance professionals and those that adapt flexibility (with thorough planning) are already winning the war on talent. 

What should employers do?

Business leaders should embrace remote working and flexible hours. Give your employees a little leeway, and they’ll give you a lot of loyalty. Here are my top recommendations on what’s required to offer an effective flexible work environment

Remote workers environment

  • Ask for a speed test screenshot showing wi-fi speeds are adequate (If not source alternative Wi-Fi providers)
  • Is the mobile phone reception adequate (again look at alternative providers)
  • Check that the home office space is free of distraction/noise?  i.e., a professional environment
  • Ensure all equipment, laptops, printers, headsets, desk and seats are just as good as what you have on site in work environment.

Software Management tools

  • Review your CRM and software tools for remote management.  There are endless solutions out there to track login times, KPIs and overall performance.  With the right technology providing you with regular reports, managing performance remotely is not a difficult task
  • For teams collaborating remotely, the most important piece of software I’d recommend is project management system allowing real time collaboration, team tracking, and results oriented reporting

Connecting the team / Team Culture

The biggest issue with remote working can be connecting teams and building an inclusive connected culture 

  • Where possible get the team together weekly or fortnightly to work together, socialise, collaborate and have those ‘water cooler’ conversations with colleagues / managers
  • Have a weekly virtual get together (30 mins – not work related) for teams to chat and ‘shoot the breeze’
  • Ensure continuous training can be done online and via video calls.  Ensuring one to one time and communication via video calls forms part of the day to day where appropriate.  Think of it this way Facebook, twitter and so on is how the world is communicating effectively, why should it be any different in the workplace.  

It’s much less expensive to retain a productive employee than it is to recruit one. For more advice (free consultation) talk to the experts at Martina Quinn. At Martina Quinn, we are highly specialised finance and accounting recruitment consultancy. We find the best people and place them into cultures where they will thrive.

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and we will call you back as quickly as possible

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