8 Practical Reasons To Change Your Secure Accounting Job

The market is an accounting  jobseekers market right now
The market is a jobseekers market right now

Why didn’t you change your accounting job this year? What is preventing you from seeking out a new position that better satisfies your needs? A position offering greater compensation, benefits, flexibility, and career prospects?

We switched from a employers to a job seekers market over the last two years. There has been a change from candidates almost being able to pick and choose where they can work. Accounting jobs are plentiful but there is a shortage of supply of fully qualified accountants.

Right now, the Great Resignation, the skills gap, and Covid’s effects are causing the personnel scarcity to spread to numerous other industries. Employers’ difficulties in hiring are not improving. Particularly for hiring managers in the finance industry, where 82% of them cite hiring accountants as their greatest challenge..

Just over two years ago we were being warned by the ERSI that we will face the largest recession in history when lockdown was being implemented. However, the post-Covid economic collapse that was expected never happened. In actuality, the opposite happened.

According to Irishjobs.ie, the job market is still expanding strongly in the majority of sectors, with job openings rising 119% on a yearly basis. All these facts lead us to ask our original question Why didn’t you change your accounting job this year? Below is our list of 8 reasons why you should change your secure accounting job.

The Skills Gap Within Accounting Jobs

The majority of LinkedIn users move jobs, companies, or industries every 4 years, making it the exception rather than the rule to stay with one for your whole career. Staying in the same role for many years often leaves employees unmotivated, uninspired and performance levels don’t reach levels required. Often accountants are over worked due skills shortages to meet the demands within the industry.

Flexible Work Options

Employers are not just expanding the work-from-home model because many employees are eager to return to the workplace. You can customise flexible work to meet your needs for a healthy work-life balance. This can range from an individualized hybrid working paradigm to working periodically during the year from a different country.

Employers are paying closer attention to what their employees require. And instead of the conventional expectation that individuals fit their lives around their job duties, they are enabling people to fit their work around their lives.

Increased Annual Leave Days

Many employers are providing more days off for their staff. Some examples include having your birthday off. Multinationals such as Netflix have adopted an unlimited time off policies.

4 Day Workweek

A four-day workweek is an experiment being conducted by Kickstarter and other businesses. Employees are expected to work just as hard and will be paid equally. Trials conducted in Iceland between 2015 and 2019 revealed that production remained constant or even rose. Future-thinking companies should be open to negotiating a four-day workweek as further experiments are conducted in Spain and New Zealand.

Well-being and Mental Health

The pandemic has really brought attention to the importance of mental health and wellness. A crucial first step for managers and HR (Human Resource) is acknowledging the stress that employees are experiencing. Providing resources to assist workers in coping with burnout and other mental health concerns is also important.

Increased leave and flexibility as well as mental health treatment through wellness are crucial strategies for reducing work-related stress. Nowadays, it makes sense to have a solid wellness program that allows employees to have a better work-life balance.

Joining a gym or participating in other activities should be included of employee benefits packages. Think about your priorities and bring them up when dealing with recruiting managers or recruiters.

Access To Accounting Leadership

Employees anticipate that their profession will matter and have meaning. People who are happier, healthier, and less prone to switch roles at work are more productive.

People can better comprehend the purpose of their job by having access to leadership and decision-makers. They can also coordinate their individual ambitions with those of the businesses. It offers workers a strong sense of belonging, which raises morale, and it enables leadership to receive sincere input.

Continuous Accounting Professional Development

A business catchphrase is now “learning is a lifelong process.” The half-life of a taught talent is five years, and for good reason. As automation and the impact of technology increase, “major changes to the working environment” will occur during the next ten years and what it means for accounting jobs.

Success requires ongoing skill development. However, balancing L&D with the demands of work and life can be quite difficult. especially if workers believe the options aren’t sufficient to suit their needs.
Personalized L&D packages with predetermined time and financial budgets are less of a perk and more of a need. Especially for businesses trying to hire and keep talented, engaged, and motivated staff.

Family Care

Women make about 80% of people exiting the workforce. The quantity of household and childcare work that women are expected to perform after working a full day at the office is one of the key contributors.
Employers looking to retain this talent or attract women who are on the verge of quitting their jobs can provide family-related benefits.

Consider these three crucial areas: childcare support (whether financial or time-related). giving upskilling more time to resume their work after a break equal parental leave for men and women would level the playing field.

Stock Purchase Options

An established business with consistent development and obvious career advancement offers a sense of long-term security that a start-up simply cannot match.
Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying, “With great danger comes great profit,” though. It takes a strong person to take the risk of joining a newly founded firm with enormous aspirations, endless possibility, and an uncertain course.

However, especially in terms of stock options, the rewards might be amazing. a benefit that many start-ups provide since they lack the resources and infrastructure necessary to compete with well-established companies.

At least three Irish start-ups have become unicorn billion-dollar businesses in the past two years. Others have been bought and sold for millions of dollars. Investing in one of these businesses early could result in financial success. Whatever happens, it will be a challenging experience.

To Summarise

When it comes to negotiating new employment in a new accounting job, candidates are at a distinct advantage due to the spike in job advertising and lack of applicants. The epidemic has altered an employer’s overall approach to several facets of work, including flexibility, wellness, and learning and development. Employers will need to use more innovative strategies to draw in and keep talent given that over 41% of workers worldwide are considering leaving their jobs.

Workers are in a distinct position, especially those with experience in industries with high demand. Don’t let worries or preconceived notions prevent you from exploring what is possible in the modern workplace.

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