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How to Attract Top Finance Talent

How to attract finance talent in today’s high demand market.
Attracting top finance talent is becoming more difficult

How To Attract Finance Talent In Today’s High Demand Market

Every organisation is feeling it, finding talented finance professionals in Ireland, such as Financial Accountants, Financial Analysts, Management Accountants and Tax Accountants has never been more difficult. During the pandemic it was expected we would be entering into a recession, luckily this hasn’t been the case. 

At this moment in time finance jobs in Ireland are plentiful however finding finance professionals for these roles is proving to be difficult.  The market for talent hasn’t been this strong for talented accountants in many years.

Employers are struggling to find experienced talent for open positions. However, we are off to a positive start to 2022 according to Chartered Accountants Ireland. In Q3 of 2021 job vacancies were up 42% than in the same period as 2019.  At Martina Quinn Finance Recruitment we see evidence of this continued growth in 2022 with many organisations looking to fill vacant positions.

Accountant and Finance Professional
n Q3 of 2021 job vacancies were up 42% than in the same period as 2019. 

Below we have some tips on how to attract the best accountants in this competitive marketplace.

1. Highlight Your Career Development Programme

Attract ambitious accounting and finance talent by highlighting your development opportunities. Showcase how you can help potential new hires make the next step in their career.

2. Get a Referral Programme.

Companies with a referral programme find candidates who’ve been referred are more likely to accept a job offer. This can be from 2.6% to 6.6% according to Glassdoor.  Also, employee referrals account for 10% or reported job interviews. Finance professionals hired from referral programmes tend to stay longer as they know what to expect from the organisation in terms of culture.

3. Bulk Up Your Benefits

If your company are on a pay rise ban, it can be difficult to attract top talent. This is where you will have to think outside the box. Post pandemic we know that demand for remote or hybrid working models are six times higher according to the Irish Examiner

Remote or hybrid working options is now a ‘’must’’ to include your benefits package. Pension schemes, performance bonuses are standard. Utilizing a ‘’promise to stay bonus’’ Travel or leisure benefits or guaranteed career progression scheme could be a way to attract top performing talent.

4. Asking What Do Finance Professionals Want?

Increased salary and bonuses might not always be a huge influencing factor in getting the finance professional you deserve. Simply asking potential hires what would it take to move to your company could be enough to getting that new hire.

5.Your Company Is a Wise Move

You need to sell your company as wise career move for potential hires. Your company is a place where accountants can grow and develop their career, skillset and experience. If potential hires see this it can build your company’s brand as a place to grow and develop and in time make the recruitment process easier over time.

Attracting new talent comes down to having a specific plan in place, being genuine, honest, authentic, and respecting the role of the accounting and finance professional. Hiring managers need to respect the abilities, skillset, problem solving nature and dedication the finance processionals have. 

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and we will call you back as quickly as possible

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